About Roy & Susan

Roy and Susan are ordained ministers and have been doing God’s work since 1997 when they got married. Roy and Susan Have worked with Point Man International Ministries, Roy since 1991 and Susan since 1997,  helping military veterans and families, and veterans of life with post-traumatic stress disorder (P.T.S.D.).

Roy was born in Glendale, California and raised in Kansas. Susan was born and raised in Grand Rapids, Michigan where she eventually met Roy at an intercessory prayer meeting at a friend’s house. She and Roy then went on to get married and pursue their purpose in ministry by moving to California together and partnering their gifts to spread the love of God.

Roy’s love is to be in the marketplace and to train others in street evangelism. God has given him an explosive passion to see others encounter the miraculous love of God that he has experienced over his life time.  His heart’s desire is to plant churches by making meaningful relationships with the people he meets in the streets and markets around the world. Susan’s love is to encourage others and intercede on behalf of the Body of Christ. She reflects the love of God in her role as a prayer warrior and her behind the scenes leadership as an administrator and counselor.

Roy has been called to worldwide missions since the young age of 38 when he began working with YWAM in Hawaii. Then in 1995 he returned to Vietnam using the skills he learned in the military to bring medical help and the Gospel to the people. He had returned to places where he was stationed during the war and to other places around the province of Vietnam, where God healed old wounds and went with Roy to make a lasting change in the hearts of the Vietnamese. In 2008 Roy went to the nation of Africa and develop many house churches. Roy has partnered with His Global Relief, which helped hand out food, clothes and spread the good news of the Gospel in areas where natural disasters have devastated countries such as Indonesia, Mexicali, and most recently Haiti.

Some of the ways we express God’s love as a ministry are to pull crosses through cities, preach in local churches (denominational and house churches), street outreaches, and minister in nations that persecute Christians (i.e, Pakistan, Indonesia, and Uganda). God’s work has taken us around the world including 24 countries and almost every state in the United States.  We have been blessed to have met Robert Fitts in 2007 and have been working with him and Outreach Fellowship International Ministries to encourage and establish house churches ever since. Robert Fitts asked Roy in 2014 to facilitate the training and equipping of missionaries and to oversee the development of house churches around the world. Roy has since agreed to these requests and has been faithful with his responsibilities. City of Refuge Training center, or C.O.R.T was birthed out Roy’s passion to see Robert’s vision come to pass as well as his own desire to be faithful to God’s call on his life.