The Threat against the Simplicity of Christ


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The Threat against the Simplicity of Christ

2 Corinthians 11: 2-4
I. Paul writes of his concern that, though betrothed to Christ, we might be deceived in
our minds through the craftiness of the serpent. Not unlike Eve, when serpent got into her

II. Genesis 3
A. serpent is more cunning (verse 1) and engages Eve in conversation [not unlike
the scoundrel who would try to woo a woman with an engagement ring on her
B. in the conversation redefines God’s word to cause Eve to look at the tree of
knowledge of good and evil from the serpent’s perspective (verses 2-5)
C. (verse 6) Eve sees the tree can satisfy flesh (good for food); her eyes sees the
tree as attractive and alluring (lusts for it); she sees that the tree is desirable to her
ego for it would satisfy her desire to be like a god.

III. 1 John 2: 15-16
A. Danger of loving the world and things in the world=lose the love of the Father
(verse 15)
B. Love of world and of things in the world have 3 components: lust of the flesh;
lust of the eyes; and pride of life.
C. Those three components are exactly what Eve was deceived into.
D. Jesus was tempted by satan using these three components: lust of the flesh (turn
stone to bread to satisfy the hunger of 40 days fast); the lust of the eyes (satan showed &
offered Jesus kingdoms of the world); pride of life (satan challenged Jesus to show
himself as God by throwing himself of pinnacle).

IV. 2 Corinthians 11: 3-4
A. serpent seeks to engage us in conversation to get into our minds (verse 3) and he
is cunning about doing this. When he does, he shifts us to desiring or seeking more
than Jesus
B. (verse 4) shows how we might be snared by engaging conversations and thoughs
about a different Jesus (many religions believe in Jesus but a different Jesus that will
do things for us different from the word); about a different spirit (even if element of
truth is involved, if delivered in the spirit of envy, lust, anger, is with a different
spirit); about a different gospel (entitlements and obligations embraced that are not
in the Word but are religious)
C. Paul worries we may put up with these false perspectives that would appeal to
our lust of the flesh; our lust of eyes; our pride of life…and forget to whom we are
D. serpent wants to cast doubts on our relationship with God such that we become
open to false doctrine, teachings, prophecies, signs, and wonders.
V. Abide in Jesus – John 15 – is our response

A. Abide (stay, dwell, remain, rest) in Jesus; in His Word; in His love; in His Joy
where we remember and keep our focus on Him, to whom we are betrothed. Holy
Spirit is given to us as the promise and seal (like an engagement ring) on us for
Christ’s return for us.
B. Spurgeon is credited with a response of simplicity to a question near the end of his
ministry whether his theology has changed over the years. He said that his theology
had become simpler throught the years, having been reduced to “Jesus loves me
(Spurgeon) enough to die on my behalf.” We don’t want to drift from this simplicity
C. We should be aware of the serpent’s tactics and strive to abide in Jesus rather than
love or seek things of world.
D. Don’t fall into conversation with one that wants you to desire Jesus plus
something else; Don’t add to your theology; Don’t add or take away from the

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