The City of Refuge Online Training center provides live Interactive Christian Studies, live and recorded webinars and an ever expanding portfolio of e-learning courses.  Covering a wide variety of subjects of interest to modern day Christians. Training and certification is provided by experienced Pastors, Missionaries, Evangelists, Teachers and Authors from a wide cross section of Christianity today. Please take a look at our Membership, the resources available and join us; as a student, a teacher or in fellowship.

Variety, Substance & Insight

C.O.R.T. is comprised of a team as rich and varied as Christianity itself.  Each member brings their own unique skillsets,, resources and services to the table.   C.O.R.T. members can be both content providers and receivers, and often are.   As more courses, webinars podcasts and events come online our content provider list will be published to coincide with their offerings.  currently, there are several new courses under construction, so check out our products pages to review those updates.

Instructional Philosophy

C.O.R.T. has modeled itself on the School of Tyrannus, the school led by the apostle Paul, while in the city of Ephesus.  That is,  while there are text audio, video and graphics used in set pieces of learning material, all based on the Bible, students are encouraged to interact with their teachers, mentors and other students through use of our online conference rooms, dedicated course forums, text and phone.  All of our residency learning programs maintain online conference rooms for students, teachers and mentors to meet online in groups or one on one, where they can see, hear and share with one another.  Guest Speakers are also assigned conference rooms, as needed to hold after presentation discussions. This wide range of discussion on the subjects of the Kingdom of God and the Lord Jesus Christ, deepens and enhances the subject matter being taught and opens doors to ministry and deliverance.